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by archie nicholson (where to read what archie writes)

I am pleased to say I am officially a paid published writer!!!

Before I share my successes, let me preface with something I learned along the way.
I started this blog in 2017 (five years ago?), and had been writing for longer than that.
There are ups-and-downs with writing, but so are there with life too.
Part of the job as a writer is dealing with rejection.
I am not ashamed to say I am regularly rejected by publishers and lose my fair share of writing contests too. Sometimes there are good reasons to have your story rejected – looking back, I agree with their decision as editors! And sometimes there might not be any better reason than to remember art is subjective, and maybe your work is not yet ready to be shared, still needs to find the right reader…
What I mean simply is it’s all about how many times you get back up.

Alright then, here is everywhere that has published my writings, so far:

BABBLEby archie nicholson
in Building Community: Select Stories and Poems from the 34th Annual NCWC (Paperback) – March 2021.
by CAA-NCR, Edited by Sherrill Wark
100th Year CAA Writing Contest!
~ First Place Short Story ~
What if a small town became illiterate overnight?

THE NIGHT BEFOREby archie nicholson
in 6 Good Things About 2020: Collective Folk Fiction Short Story Competition (Kindle) — March 2021
by Greater Grander
~ Runner Up Short Story ~
What if slaves of the Red Wizard tried to escape their snowy prison camp?

I write (and read) in a variety of fiction genres, depending on my mood and inspirations, because a good story is a good story however it’s told.
I write short stories, sometimes as science fiction, or fantasy fiction, children’s fiction, YA fiction, mystery fiction, romance fiction, horror fiction, literary fiction and occasionally even non-fiction.

Of my published writing, everything so far qualifies as short story fiction.
I am currently writing longer novels, but they remain still works in progress for me – stay tuned by subscribing!

As always, thanks for reading.


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archie won a writing contest – not clickbait

Hi hello!
I am so pleased to report that a story I wrote received FIRST PLACE in the 34th Annual National Capital Writing Contest (NCWC)!

AND this year coincided with the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Authors Association (CAA).

AMAZING! I am really grateful and honored to be included in this with so many others.

First Place: “Babble” by Archie Nicholson, Stratford ON
Second Place: “Still Life” by Anna Rumin, Ottawa ON
Third Place: “Will Destroy for Food” by Adam Jarvis, Ottawa ON

From their website:

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Authors Association (CAA)

The National Capital Region Branch of the Canadian Authors Association honoured the winners of the 34th Annual NCWC on Friday, March 12 during an online gathering.

March 12 was the 100th anniversary of the first time the founding members of the Canadian Authors Association met in 1921.

We are pleased to celebrate the talents of these writers. Their work is published in the contest anthology:

Building Community Anthology


First Place: “The Curved Twigs” by John Morris, Ottawa ON
Second Place: “recital” by Bob MacKenzie, Kingston ON
Third Place: “A New Skin” by John Morris, Ottawa ON

“Fear” by David M Black, Wendover ON
“Our Childhood Smelled of Lilacs” by LG Pomerleau, Nanton AB
“Ground Down—Down Underground” by Kathy O’Grady Bose, Ottawa ON
“Seeking Grace” by LG Pomorleau, Nanton AB
“On Writing” by Adam Jarvis, Ottawa ON

First Place: “Babble” by Archie Nicholson, Stratford ON
Second Place: “Still Life” by Anna Rumin, Ottawa ON
Third Place: “Will Destroy for Food” by Adam Jarvis, Ottawa ON

“Hungerbitten” by Laura Wang Arseneau, Fort Erie ON
“Bodies in Trouble” by Diane Carley, St. John’s NL
“Whose Turf Is It Anyway?” by Iris Winston, Almonte ON

“Mine” by Jason Boudreau, Ottawa ON
“Flickering Lights” by Alicia Maini, Toronto ON
“Transformation” by Donna McDougall, Perth ON
“The Gentleman Hermit” by Russell Wardell, Carleton Place ON

Congratulations to everyone.


Asa Boxer’s debut book, The Mechanical Bird (2007), won the Canadian Authors Association Prize for Poetry, and his cycle of poems entitled “The Workshop” won first prize in the 2004 CBC Literary Awards. His poems and essays have since been anthologized in various collections and have appeared in various magazines internationally. Boxer is also a founder of the Montreal International Poetry Prize.


Kaarina Stiff is a freelance writer and editor who has been consuming, creating, and polishing stories since she learned how to read. She has published stories in Room and Cargo Literary Magazine, and she twice won the Toronto Novel Marathon in the young adult fiction category. Kaarina has served on the national executive of the Canadian Authors Association, as the branch chair of Editors Ottawa-Gatineau, and as president of the Ottawa chapter of the Professional Writers Association of Canada. In 2018, she received a President’s Award for Volunteer Service from Editors Canada. She lives in Ottawa.

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Painting by Brian Turner

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