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Here is everywhere that has published my writings, so far:

BABBLEby archie nicholson
in Building Community: Select Stories and Poems from the 34th Annual NCWC (Paperback) – March 2021.
by CAA-NCR, Edited by Sherrill Wark
100th Year CAA Writing Contest!
~ First Place Short Story ~
What if a small town became illiterate overnight?

THE NIGHT BEFOREby archie nicholson
in 6 Good Things About 2020: Collective Folk Fiction Short Story Competition (Kindle) — March 2021
by Greater Grander
~ Runner Up Short Story ~
What if slaves of the Red Wizard tried to escape their snowy prison camp?

I write (and read) in a variety of fiction genres, depending on my mood and inspirations, because a good story is a good story however it’s told.
I write short stories, sometimes as science fiction, or fantasy fiction, children’s fiction, YA fiction, mystery fiction, romance fiction, horror fiction, literary fiction and occasionally even non-fiction.

Of my published writing, everything so far qualifies as short story fiction.
I am currently writing longer novels, but they remain still works in progress for me – stay tuned by subscribing!

As always, thanks for reading.