archie the vegan

I don’t hold animals superior or even equal to humans.
The whole case for behaving decently to animals rests on the fact that we are the superior species.
We are the species uniquely capable of imagination, rationality, and moral choice – and that is precisely why we are under an obligation to recognize and respect the rights of animals.
Brigid Brophy

archie the writer holding a hen

Since 2011, I have abstained from consuming animals and the products of animals – which sounds pretty incredible when I read that back. Throughout those years, I’ve written about my changing experiences as a vegan – and my shifting perspective on veganism as its own culture too.

Over these years, I’ve learned how to be vegan wherever I am living (including in the Arctic tundra) and I’ve learned how what I consume is only part of the puzzle. As in, I’ve also seen the need to match everything I produce – as an artist – with my philosophies to live as simply for myself, for other people and cultures, for generations of the past and the future, for other animals and for all our fragile ecosystems sharing this planet.

So you might notice a theme relating to this in my writings – go figure, eh?

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