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archie was here (but not necessarily writing)

I’ve not been writing on here much of late because, to put it bluntly, I struggle with whether my blog (or any non-fiction I write) deserves to be shared with the world.

Does anyone care to read the sporadic rambling of some nobody? Even if they do (after all, you are still reading) the question remains: is my writing actually helpful? Life is already full of overflowing inboxes and too many apps, so why add to the chaos?

All my life I have had carried strong opinions about the world – which sometimes I wrote down, or drew pictures – but those opinions change and show me to expect my current opinions to change soon too. Thus my reluctance to write posts like this here.

I think partially I am afraid that publishing a quick blog post means I am committing to something, then being misinterpreted, or perhaps it’s just plain intimidating to leave evidence of myself, as I am now, in the good likelihood it will contradict or embarrass.

While I don’t have good answers, I still desire to write, and not only the fictitious.
I want to share despite my anxiety, knowing I might be wrong, misinformed or unread.
So, dear reader, don’t give up on this blog, not yet.

Anyway, let me update on what’s been making me enjoy life even in hard times:

• Musically, I’ve been really into Mac Miller, specifically the last 3 albums he released before unfortunately overdosing. Listening to each album as a whole tells a story about his life (where he’s been, where he’s going and where he ended) not unlike a trilogy of books or movies that show some tragic character arc.

• Technologically, I’ve gotten on an app called Libby where you can download audiobooks for free from your local libraries. Some books are better heard (and oral storytelling predates the written word anyhow) and sometimes there are whole casts of voice actors to really animate the story.

• Professionally, besides the supply teaching , I have been working on another draft of my novel, “the Odyssey story”. Thus far, even with some terrible family crises ongoing, I’ve written 10,000 words of it. YAY!
Writing ten thousand words, finally, required me reviewing (and purging) notes I made to myself as far back as 2015!

That’s all for now – thanks for clicking.



hi my name is archie! i like to write stories, take long naps and play with animals. nice to meet you :)

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